Palm Tree Trimming


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  1. Laura Marcusa says:

    Certain palm trees are susceptible to infection with a disease which is spread airborne or by infection from tree trimmers not having cleaned their saws from prior diseased palm removal. The trees take several months to die after first showing signs of top wilting.Englewood Tree Service removed a palm from my yard on 1/17/17 on Pineneedle which displayed a mushroom at the base and wilted top. While working on the tree’s removal, it fell over having no support from the root base. This might prove dangerous to people and property especially in windy conditions. There seems to be no treatment for the disease at this time.

  2. Trevor says:

    Really appreciated this article. More people should spread the word about Sabal Palms and how they should not be trimmed, it is unfortunate some services may charge for the trims without notifying their customer in hopes for monetary gains.

    Overall there are many factors to consider when trimming a palm tree instead of just hacking away. Thanks for the article and great read.

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