Nextdoor is a free, private social network for neighborhoods. So far about 200 residents in Englewood Isles have signed up. People are using Nextdoor to:

  • Share photos like that beautiful double rainbow the other day
  • Talk about the bobcat that has been spotted in the area
  • Sell used furniture
  • Find out who does the best paint job in town
  • Ask for help keeping an eye out for a lost cat
  • Find a new home for sale in the Isles
  • Finally call that nice man down the street by his first name

Or CLICK HERE to sign up or learn more

NOTE: It appears that the Nextdoor site is automatically adding other communities!  To make sure you will just see notices and posts from Englewood Isles people, log into your Nextdoor account, go to SETTINGS, click on NEARBY NEIGHBORHOODS, then click: Personalize your list of nearby neighborhoods. Here you can go down the list of all the neighborhoods and click them OFF.

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