Help Wanted

A Request for Volunteers

The health and well-being of our Association and its Board of Directors is dependent upon a steady flow of volunteers willing to step up and contribute to the work of our community. Article 12 of our Bylaws provides for fourteen different Committees and Sub-Committees to perform various functions from Property Maintenance to welcoming new residents to the neighborhood. In addition, I have recently added Covenant Review, Election Reform, and CAM Committees to that list.


My point is that there is a lot of work to be done and very few people currently ready to do that work. The issue goes well beyond a workload imbalance and is reaching the point of being a management problem for our community. As your President, I consider it a fiduciary responsibility to anticipate and plan for the unexpected and to make sure that we have a reservoir of volunteers ready, willing, and able to take over when needed. As an example, all of our financials are managed by one person from one QuickBooks account. We currently have no back up!


So… I am asking for your help. If you are willing to include your name on a list of Future Volunteers, please contact us at  Please tell us if you have any specific skills or experience that would benefit our Association and thank you.


Bill Bickel


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